Why is SEO Important Today: A Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Why is SEO important today, Everyone is talking about this and how to earn money through internet. This was a similar question for me back in 2016. But after 3 years I realized that it is not easy to earn money through internet. I have gone through a lot of blogs, forums and YouTube videos to know how I can earn money through internet.

Then, I came to know about Search Engine Optimization, also called SEO in internet terms. SEO was challenging for me and lot of people out there today. But there is nothing we cannot learn about. Web has made so easy for us to learn anything we want to learn.

Before I start to give you tips about how I made SEO easy for me, I just want to tell you just be calm and read patiently.

There are lot of people who just say Search Engine Optimization is easy. Some people say I can rank your website in Google’s first page within a week. But, before believing in that person you should understand what he can do.

Let’s start why SEO is important today.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about increasing website traffic and visibility in search engine. If you have website then you need SEO to rank. It’s not 2006, where you don’t need any kind of SEO or marketing to place your website in search engine. The competition in today’s world is so high; you have to compete with the trend.

The first thing you should remember after you hear the word SEO is Keyword. Keyword is the most important part of SEO.  Everything inside a web is a query. To ask anything or to know anything, you need to place the keyword first.

Here I will describe some of the SEO terms you need to know:

  • Keyword
  • Content
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Rank


I have already written on Basic Tips for Keyword Research. Here, you will learn about what actually you should do to strategize your keyword.

Many people have already mentioned and talked about SEO, Keyword and everything, but some of them have manipulated you. There are lot of good SEO expert around the world; from them you can learn many things.

I will suggest some of the names like Neil PatelBrian Dean and Jeff Bulla’s. You can Google for many SEO expert and Digital marketers out there.

Let’s not be distracted!

Keyword actually is a word, phrase or even sentence. What you type or think in your mind is a keyword; your intention will define your keyword.

If you are here then probably you have typed something like what is SEO or why SEO is so important or even how is SEO important. This is keyword and it had driven you to my “Why is SEO Important Today” article.

keywords in search engine

Before you think about implementing the keyword in your website, just know about your competitor. Why they are in the first place of search engine, and analyse their content.

Just dig inside and research, you will get to know what they are missing from user’s perspective. Simply, add something unique that your competitor had never mentioned in their website.

Google or any other search engine will eventually recognize that you are giving more value to their viewers. So obviously they have to push you up.

There are no tricks and tips to skyrocket your traffic within a day or a week. It’s all testimonials. You just have to test yourself so deep, that you should know the loophole of Google algorithm. I didn’t mean black hat loophole but an organic loophole.

For an organic keyword ranking you can try out using my strategy:

  • Research Keyword before writing the content
  • Describe the Topic Powerfully
  • Target location-specific keywords
  • Target Keywords related to your practice area
  • Target specialized Keywords
  • Target the keyword that is in trend


When I was new into this SEO world I used to hear “Content is King” many times, but by the time, I learned what it really means.

I would repeat the word “Content is King” but only if you can give value through that content. If you are thinking about writing an article, but you are just repeating the content that already exists inside the web then you are making a mistake.

After all these years I have experienced that search engine is looking for valuable content. Google is no more a search engine; rather it’s your answering platform. You are looking everything inside a Google that you don’t know.

If you are writing the same content Google has already seen, then that would make no sense.

You should be more practical. Go and visit places, meditate, take diary and start writing. Whatever you see, whatever you experience, just write it down. Google has never seen your life experience.

Your life experience or anything you saw in the journey could be valuable to someone who had never faced the same.

It’s not necessary to write 3000 words to rank on Google, instead your content should meet the user’s intent. Spinning articles and writing about the same thing that already exist would never help boost your SEO and website traffic.

Content is all about giving right information to the right audience through internet.

Let’s take a look how I used to Strategize Content:

  • Content research
  • Trending Content
  • Shareable Content
  • Valuable Content
  • Try to give answer through content

Note: Seeing where competitors are weak can help you build a strategy to differentiate your approach.


On Page Optimization

On page optimization is all about optimizing your individual pages or posts. The important thing you should remember while optimizing your page are Keyword and Content. The implementation of keyword inside your content should be accurate to the google and other search engine. I didn’t mean you should include 20 single keyword inside your <300 words article.

The content should be valuable, plus keyword should be implemented within the content. This is little bit tricky, you should analyse yourself to overcome from this. No one can give you 100% accurate answer about how many keywords inside your content. Do more research on content, give value to the viewers and implement keyword inside that content, then only your on page optimization will work.

Nowadays, many people think on page optimization means making a green button in Yoast Plug-in. I have experienced this too. But don’t focus on making that green, focus on Content and Keyword.

Other than mentioned above, you should look over the Title, Meta description, URL, Tags, Internal links, Outbound Links, Readability analysis, Image Alts, and LSI (Latent semantic Index) related keywords of your focus keyword within the content. You can go through my post “Easy Method to Find LSI Keywords” to learn more about this.

LSI keyword in SEO

Off Page Optimization:

Simply Off page optimization means optimizing your page outside of your website. This was tough thing for me initially, but I was smart enough to cope up with all SEO related stuffs.

Backlinks: A high Domain Authority backlink can boost your website. But a low DA backlink will doesn’t impact on your site. First thing that comes up in my mind before hearing backlink is Do follow link and No follow link. I have written “A Complete Guide for Do Follow and No Follow Links” you can go through this and first understand these terms.

Backlink Strategy:

  • Social Media Posting
  • Community Engagement
  • Forums
  • Comments with hyperlink
  • Email for Backlink (Only ask people who is in your niche)
  • Be involved in your local society

At last, give quality content so that others will give you backlink organically. This is the best strategy for any SEO expert.

Social Media:

One of the strongest platforms in today’s generation is social media. You can make anything viral on internet with the help of this platform. Social media is a community or a involvement of people. To grow your business or to have more reach and impression you must need social media today.

Social Media Marketing is one of the important factors for Internet Marketers. I have been using social media for a while now; I am using social media totally for my business. But, I am always careful and clever while using this.

Note: You should know where to post and how to post in social media.

Domain Authority & Page Rank

domain authority and page rank

Domain authority is just a metric to check the ability of website or domain to rank in search engines. Domain authority is measured from 0 to 100. Higher the authority, chances of ranking in search engine is high. Lower the authority, less chance to rank in search engine.

Domain Authority depends on following:

  • Quality and number of Incoming Links
  • Quality and number of Outgoing Links
  • Age of Domain
  • Page Rank
  • Traffic Metrics (number of visitors, time spent on page and the bounce rate)

Page Rank is an algorithm that evaluates the quantity and quality of particular web page. This usually helps to analyse the importance and authority of pages. Page rank is also measured from 0 to 100. More value your page have, more chances to rank higher in search engines.

Page Rank Depends on following:

  • Quality of pages
  • Quality of content inside the page
  • User Behaviour
  • Domain Rank


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