Easy Method to Find LSI Keywords: A Beginners Guide

LSI also known as Latent Semantic Indexing is used popularly in Search Engine Optimization. LSI is a search engine technique use to find the related queries people use around a given topic.

LSI keywords are basically words and phrases which have high relation with the focus keyword. In simple word, LSI keyword is a synonym of focus keyword or phrase because they share the same context. In this blog I will share with you my experience on finding Latent Semantic Indexing.

Let’s start without distraction on “Easy Method to find LSI keywords”


Google itself gives LSI keywords. There are three ways Google provide you these keywords keywords. The first one is in the search bar of Google as shown in picture below.

google lsi keyword

This gives you an idea about your queries, are you missing something that you actually want in your focus keyword, then head over to another one. Google is trying to understand your intention, and giving related queries according to their algorithm flows.

The second one that Google provides is in the bottom of the search page as shown in picture.

Google bottom LSI keyword

Here you will find out a little bit different then above picture. This indicates Google is giving more priority in related searches. You can generate more ideas from these LSI keywords too. To find out the last one search you should be clever enough. LSI keyword lies inside the post snippet with similar terms. The picture below will make you clear about this.

LSI keyword in snippet

If you can see the black color highlighted in the snippet then you will get to know what google is fetching to rank in top pages. If you could see Keyword Tool is dominating others, Google has highlighted two of their keyword. One is focus keyword and the other is LSI. I have searched for keyword research but Google gave me the Keyword Tool in the first page. Because they know what I am into, as I have mentioned already Google tries to know your intention and will provide you the best results.

I am happy with this result. Are you?


Soovle is another free tool to find out the semantic keyword. Look at this example to know how soovle works.

Soovle Semantic Keyword

If you look at this image then you will clear about soovle. Soovle shows the results from different search engines, Wikipedia, Amazon and more. In soovle you can find out the long-tail semantic keywords.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere is a free tool use to find the keywords. It should be installed in chrome and Firefox extension in order to use. Keywords everywhere show you the LSI keywords in very depth. The main function of keyword everywhere is to show the search volume of keyword, cost per click and the competition of particular keyword. This tool does not give you the exact metrics. But somehow you can utilize this tool freely. Here I will show you how this tool will help you find your LSI keywords.

The tool is divided in two sections and located in the right side of the Google page.

Keywords Everywhere Related Keywords

The first one shows you the related keywords, their volume, cpc and competition. You can assume this related keyword as your LSI keywords.

Keywords Everywhere People also search for

The other one shows you the keyword in more depth. “People also Search for” indicated you the queries people are searching after the focus keyword “Keyword Research”. Go to your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, download the extension and start using Keywords Strategically.


Ubersuggest is a complete SEO tool. Here you can get your SEO Audit, Backlinks report, overview of your traffic and lastly keyword and content ideas. Neil Patel is providing this tool for free. This is actually a good thing for SEO beginners, also for pro.

Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas

I will just explain keyword ideas here in this section. As shown in the picture above, click on keyword ideas and just type which keyword you want to explore. I have used the same keyword in all tools. So I will use this here too. You will find tons of keyword ideas here. Neil has segmented into two sections.

The first one is suggestion.

Ubersuggest suggest you the keywords with the similar queries. It will show you the exact keyphrase used in focused keyword. Look at this picture below to know.

Ubersuggest keyword suggestion

The second one is the related queries of focus keyword. This one could be the LSI keywords of your focus keyword. Check the picture below to be clear..

Ubersuggest related keyword


Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

Have you ever imagined you could use Social media platform as your Keyword research tool. Today, I will show you how I started searching LSI keywords on Facebook, twitter and pinterest. You should know simple tactics before starting this. If you don’t know then here I am going to tell about Social Media keyword research Strategy.


Everyone thinks Facebook is a community to view and share public opinion and it true though. But, have you tried finding out content from Facebook? If No, then start from today I will show you here how I see LSI keyword in Facebook.

Facebook LSI keyword

As shown in above picture, just type keyword research in search bar. There you will see the related queries line below. These keywords are also called LSI keywords as I have been telling about this in this whole article. After this if you click “See all results for keyword research” then you will be redirected to “All” section. There you will see the group option. I guess everyone is familiar with Facebook until now.

Facebook Group LSI Keyword

Click the group option and there you will find more keyword suggestions. This is the actual phrase people are really interested in. Because Facebook is after all a community, people will interact and share their views on these keywords. Facebook could help you grow your keyword research ability too. You just have to use it wisely.


Same method for Twitter as mentioned in Facebook. The only difference in Twitter is you could find out more results in hashtags. Write down #keywordresearch or keyword research in search bar of Twitter, you will find the related queries there as shown in image below.

Twitter Latent Semantic Indexing


Most of the people thinks pinterest is for images to pin. But you should know you could find the people engagement in Pinterest. I have typed keyword research in search bar of pinterest below.

Pinterests latent semantic indexing

The result was awesome. It gave me a lot of ideas in not only keyword but also Title and Content. This is a very cool platform to use for LSI keywords and Content Strategy.

Try to use this platform wisely.


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