Basic Tips for Content Strategy: A Beginners Guide

“Content is King” Everyone is familiar with this term. But is it really? If so then why is everyone focusing on keyword only? Targeting on keyword is a good practice for SEO but beside that your clients are more important i.e. your viewers. You are not giving good content, instead focusing on keyword and ranking only. This may affect your site from a long term value.

To complete the phrase Content is king you should focus on content research and provide good article to your viewers. Mark my word, Google will automatically pushes you in the top if you practice this.

My only focus is on content. I have never stuffed on keyword; instead I am using Keyword strategically. I have written on Basic Tips for Keyword Research in my previous post; go through it to know more.

People do keyword stuffing for a single content and rank higher, but that’s for a short period of time. After all Google is searching for answer, so you will be pushed back if you try to put higher keyword density.

Let me help you for Content and its Strategy

Basic Tips for Content Strategy:

Content Format

What content are you giving will define your content strategy ability. Content is all about giving story, the story may be in different format. Your job is to attract audience through your story.

Seth Godin says there are 4 qualities your content needs to have;

  1. Emotion: What emotion do we want audience to feel?
  2. Change: How are you changing audience with the help of your content? Does that help people to believe in your brand?
  3. Alert: How can you give something that alert people?
  4. Share: How can you engage the community?

Format your content with a good strategy and provide some kind of value to your audience. Something they should take from your site and share with the world. A good content strategist will always use these formats in order to engage their audience.

Audience Behaviour

After you have content format strategy you should understand your audience. You should ask yourself these questions.

  • Who are they?
  • What are they looking for in content?
  • Why they will come back?

If you could answer these questions and focus on content then the retention of audience is definite. The first question comes in your mind is How to analyse audience behaviour. You don’t have to go anywhere to find this. Google Analytics will give your all answers.


Let’s take a look how you can analyze your audience.

google analytics audience behavior

First of all, go through analytics report. There you will see Audience Menu where you will find about your audience. Go through each and every sub-menu thoroughly and make report of your own audience. Check where your audience is striking, from where they are coming and what age group people are interested in your content. You can even check their active operating system, technology and mobile they are using to browse your content. You can see Behavior in above image; this gives you the idea about your new and returning visitors. It can be helpful to improve your content and attract more returning visitors.


Second, there is a Behavior menu below acquisition. This includes behaviour flow, content, speed and page of the site. This section helps you to find the actual behaviour flow of the audience; that is why this is in content strategy list.

Analytics Behavior Flow

In this section you will find out your best performing landing page and worst performing landing page. This will give you idea about updating the content in worst performing one. You can even experiment in this section. Experiment your content with defined traffic percentage and objective of the experiment. Like how the audience will use the website content, their session duration, page views and Bounce rate.

This will definitely help you recognize your audience and their behaviour. You can even track your audience through other search engines like Bing, Baidu and Yandex. Also, you can analyse social media analytics for audience behaviour.

Update Content

Now you already knew your audience, you can format the content in an updated version. As you already know your audience behavior you can easily target now. You should apply this content strategy on weekly or monthly as per your results report.

For Example,

If your website is all about food but you already have written a lot of content on food.

Now what you should do?

You should check your audience in your Google Analytics. Make a report where your audience are living and what age group of people are visiting your website. Create list and put the top location and age group of people visiting your website the most.

Suppose, your top location is Mumbai and Age group is 20-40. Then, you should write like this:

  • Best street food in Mumbai
  • Best food to eat in Mumbai
  • Best restaurant in Mumbai for Dinner
  • Best Restaurant in Mumbai

Just make partition of all the top places and target your best returning visitors. This will help in your conversion rate.


Video content is booming day by day. Everyone is towards YouTube or social media video. That is why I have mentioned video in this content strategy list. If you want your visibility to reach with more audience then you must go into video world.

video content stats

I will list down some of the stats that shows how video is booming

  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds [WordStream]
  • Youtube has over a billion users, almost one-third of the total internet users.
  • Social Media post with video have 50% more views [Hubspot]
  • Highest paid-YouTuber was Ryan Kaji, he earned $22 million in 2018. Ryan ToysReview is his YouTube channel. [Ryan ToysReview]
  • More than 60% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem.

These stats definitely show where the Video content is going. YouTube is a Instructor for many people around the world.

So do not be left behind in this competitive world, start recording and give your best content through video.


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