Best Free SEO Audit Tools 2020

Here I will list out 6 best free SEO audit tools that will help you in 2019.

To rank in a search engine result pages you need SEO, and to do better SEO you need to audit your website and find out the errors inside your site. These all tools are great with their own features. Beginners will be benefited by these tools. I got overall report of my website and increased my website traffic with the help of these tools.

Let’s Start..

                                                  6 Best Free SEO Audit Tools


SEOquake is a powerful seo toolbox for your browser. You can use this by adding in chrome extension.

This seo checker helps you to audit your website and check on-page errors inside your site.

The picture shown below is an audit of my own site..

SEOquake free seo audit tools

This tool is not only to get free SEO reports; you can also check your internal and external links. More than that, you can check keyword presence of your website. It gives you a detail report on what type of keyword is inside your site. Single word to 4-word phrases keywords is available in this tool.

This may give you an idea on overcoming keyword problems you are facing now.

Lastly, it also provides a feature called “Compare URLS/DOMAINS”. This will definitely help you to get your competitors keywords and analysis.

Key Feature in this SEO Tool: I liked the most about Keyword Density in this tool.


Ubbersuggest is also one of the best free tool for SEO site audit.

I have written about this tool in my previous post. You can check here.

This tool is a complete package for seo specialist out there. And more interestingly, it’s free.

Neil patel has provided this tool for free with so many features.

The picture below is showing a site audit of my website.

Ubbersuggest free seo site audit tools

This free website report tool not only provides you site audit. It gives you keyword and content ideas too. Ubersuggest also provide traffic analyzer, which means you can easily watch your best performing pages and keywords. This is one of the best SEO checkers which provide backlink analysis and overview of your whole website. It’s kind of paid tool but luckily we are getting this free.

Key Feature in this SEO Tool: I liked the most about Content Ideas in this tool.


Seobility is a SEO tool where you can get your free SEO report. The tool allows only one project for free. You can list your own website and get all seo reports on your hand.

Seobility free seo checker

Get your overall optimization score in this seo checker. I have placed my own website.

My site is completely new so it’s not showing more results here.

If you have your website running more than 180 days then you will get more options here. Check this and you will get to know more. Seobility allows you check your overall on page site audit where it includes your Tech & Meta, Structure and Content.

Key Feature in this SEO Tool: You can add up to 10 keywords and track their ranking. This is a great feature by this tool, and also here you can add your competitors and analyse their keywords and rankings too.


This is another free tool in SEO audit checklist. Serpstat gives you the detail in-depth SEO report of your website. The picture below is my own website overall score. The tool is showing errors and categorizing them into high priority, middle priority and low priority.

Serpstat site audit tool

Serpstat is an awesome tool for keyword analysis. This free seo audit tool will help you for keyword research and strategy also. It give competitors information and also tells you who are ranking top in google for the specified keyword mentioned.

Key Feature in this SEO Tool: I love the most about loading speed. It allows you to know about your page speed disruption.


Lipperhey is also one of the best SEO checker. This tool gives you more details like website structure and Hosting, also about design of your website.

Lipperhey free site audit tools

The picture above is the site audit of my own website with the overall score of 48%. I need to improve this.

Check yours and improve your too.

Here in this tool you can add 3 competitors and analyse your site audit with theirs. This is a cool feature here. You can look over technical, SEO content, and Popularity in this tool. Key Feature in this SEO Tool: SEO content is my favourite here; you can check your each pages SEO health and on-page SEO.


Woorank is a simple extension tool for free website seo report.

Woorank seo checker

The tool provides you information about on page SEO and Backlinks. Key Feature in this SEO Tool: Visitor analysis is the key feature of this free SEO audit tool.


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